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Save Recipes | ZipList | Recipe Clipping Site


In addition to a newly designed theme, Frugal New England Kitchen has partnered with ZipList, an online grocery list and recipe clipping site to help my readers become more frugal, saving money and time.  Here’s more about how ZipList works.

Save Recipes & Create Shopping Lists Anywhere

Manage your shopping list and search for recipes from across the web at ZipList.com

Ziplist Recipe Clipping Site

  • Create an account:  It’s FREE and takes only a few minutes of your time.
  • Look for the blue “Save Recipe” button on all of Frugal New England Kitchen recipes.
  • Click on the “Save Recipe” button to add to your personal recipe box.

To use the ZipList feature on recipes sites without the blue button, simply install a ZipList button to your toolbar similar to the Pinterest button or Evernote.  When surfing the internet for recipes you can zip them into your recipe box for later viewing.  You can also create a shopping list from any of the recipes in your personal recipe box.  To save even more money, clip coupons that are offered.

Also try out the free iPhone and Android mobile apps.

To find out how to simplify your grocery shopping and how to organize your recipes from the web Click Here to find out more about what is Ziplist.

I hope this additional feature will make your visit to Frugal New England Kitchen even more pleasant.

Be sure to try out our new printer-friendly button. You can select to print either with or without a photo.

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