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Vegetable Soup

Easy Soups to Make | Frugal Cheap Soup and Meal Ideas | Winter Soups


I’ve come up with a few different types of easy soups to make that will appeal to many people and are relatively easy to prepare.

A lot people, me included, are inclined to think that soup is rather a difficult dish to make. However I’ve discovered that this isn’t the case, and that making soup can actually be really enjoyable and have a delicious result.

Easy Soups to Make

First, we have an old favorite of leek and potato soup. There are two ways you can enjoy eating this, either cream, or not blended, and each way has its own distinct merits. If you blend it, you’ll truly enjoy the soft texture that this technique creates and it looks wonderful as well, perfect for serving up at dinner parties, or even enjoying while chilling out sipping wine around the fireplace in winter or playing cribbage or Cheeky Bingo. The ingredients also go very well when prepared as a cream soup too, so if you blend it, add in some of this and you’ll have a meal of pure indulgence.

Winter Vegetable Soups

However you can also leave the soup unblended, allowing you to enjoy the textures of the leeks and the potatoes, as well as the broth it produces. This can be perfect for those cold winter nights when all you want is a hearty, warm dinner. Add some chunky homemade Sourdough bread or Ciabatta and sweet cream butter, and you’ll have a meal to be proud to serve.

A different type of easy healthy soup to make is butternut squash soup, and this can also be blended or not. The wonderful thing about butternut squash is that it’s unusual yet yummy, and you can combine it with most of the same ingredients that you use to make leek and potato soup.

The basic principles of soup making are to chop up all the ingredients, saute them for around ten minutes and then add the stock. Boil until the ingredients are cooked and semi-soft, season with salt and pepper to taste and blend if you prefer. Artisan bread is the perfect accompaniment to this type of dish, and the combination will satisfy you up, while making you feel warm and contented.

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