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Polish Easter Kielbasa

Easter Kielbasa Recipe | Holiday Food Appetizers | Polish Traditions


A favorite Polish traditional food is Easter Kielbasa.  There’s plenty of recipes for leftover kielbasa, if there are any leftovers !

Easter Kielbasa

Every Easter my mom would cook kielbasa which she would serve as an appetizer picky before dinner.
Polish Easter Kielbasa

I’ve continued the tradition in my family, and now even my non-Polish extended family looks forward to me bringing the ‘basa !

Easter Kielbasa is different than regular kielbasa.  To me, this Polish sausage is sweeter, and not so heavily spiced.  It’s an easy Easter appetizer to bring to a buffet.

My granddaughter used to call them ‘basi, but now calls them “Easter hot dogs.”

The City of New Britain, Connecticut is known as the Polish Capitol.  Many Polish food stores and Polish restaurants can be found throughout the city.  There you can find all brands of Polish Kielbasa.

I particularly like the Martin Rosol’s Polish Kielbasy which can also be found in local supermarkets in the meat department.  It has to say “Easter Kielbasa” on it, and it’s only made for the Easter Holiday.

How To Cook Easter Kielbasa


My family method of cooking Easter Kielbasa is easy!  Simply place the kielbasa in a large frying pan, cover with water, and simmer for about 20 minutes.  Remove and refrigerate.  Then, simply slice the kielbasa and serve with traditional Polish Hot Horseradish mustard ! We also use the Bookbinders Stone Ground Dijon Mustard because the kids find the Horseradish Mustard a tad too hot.

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Happy Easter
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