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Crocodile Hop Floor Game

Crocodile Hop Floor Game for Preschool Kids


A visit to grandmom or grandpa’s house should always be fun!  The Learning Resources Crocodile Hop Floor Game is an exciting game to keep on hand for when the grandkids come to visit or are staying overnight while mom and dad go on a weekend getaway!

All this activity will be certain to tucker the little tykes out for bedtime!

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If you home-school your child or are a daycare provider, add this game to your list for your preschool age children!

Knowing shapes and numbers is the way to cross this crocodile creek!  The Crocodile Hop Floor Game provides a Super-size floor mat that is irresistible and versatile for engaged learning and fun.

  • Helps gross motor
  • Reinforces colors, shapes, numbers and counting (1-10)
  • Colorful vinyl floor mat measures 100” L x 30” H
  • Includes 2 inflatable 5” cubes, 40 animal game markers, and Activity Guide
  • Stores in box.

Ages 3+ and up.

For More Information Visit: Learning Resources

Available at: online retailers and specialty stores

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