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Empty Nesting | Cooking for You Now That The Kids Are Gone

Woman Eating Salad

Now that the kids are gone and you've become an Empty Nester, mealtime seems a little lonely and somewhat boring. It might be just you at the table now, or you and Grandpa, and it takes a little getting used to cooking for two.

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Cruise Night Season | Why Baby Boomers Embrace Classic Cars

Baby Boomers are realizing that they have some disposable income around now that they're empty nesters, and classic cars are becoming popular again. Baby Boomers are obviously the top buyers and affectionados of cars that were popular in our youth.

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Why You Needn’t Worry About Germs | Veripur Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer | Review

Veripur Hand Sanitizer

When confronting the cold dry air this winter, Veripur Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer provides an extraordinary solution for protecting hands, as it kills 99.9% germs while providing around-the-clock germ-fighting action for up to four hours.

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Smart Phone Battery Charger Solutions | Energizer Inductive Charger With Qi Technology

Energizer cordless battery charging station

Energizer is leading the way with one of the first Universal Qi technology products on the market. It also features a USB port to meet additional charging needs. A compatibility sleeve is now available for the iPhone 4, so this phone also now works on the Energizer Inductive Charger in addition to the iPhone 3Gs/3G and the Blackberry 8900.

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