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Brandy Balls Chocolate Truffles

Brandy Balls | Cookie Balls | Easy Christmas Candy Recipes


It wouldn’t be Christmas without some sweet chocolate treats. Besides Valentine’s Day, Christmas is another holiday where people give food as gifts. What better gift to give to friends or to your family than a pretty Holiday tin full of Liqueur Brandy Balls.

Every year after Thanksgiving I start to make myBrandy Balls recipe.  Sometimes I make Rum Balls.  Think I’ll be sending some up to my brother in Upstate New York, along with a few of my crochet handmade Dish Cloths that I sell at my Moomettes Shop. Aren’t these old fashion handmade dishcloths pretty?

Crochet Handmade Dish Cloths Beige

Easy Christmas Candy Recipe


Brandy Balls are sweet and not tooth-friendly. Some people call them Brandy Truffles.  But, it is the Christmas season and it only comes once a year. Your teeth will forgive you as long as you brush afterwards. Brandy Balls look good and are easy to make. Be sure not to leave it unattended or the ingredients may overcook and ruin your batch of candy.

Making candy doesn’t have to be hard. Start out with simple recipes and work your way up to the more difficult ones. Most candy is mixed in a saucepan over varying levels of heat.

Chocolate Brandy Balls Recipe

Brandy Ball Chocolate Truffles

This is my mother’s recipe for Brandy Ball Truffles.  Sometime mom would make brandy balls, sometime she’d make Rum Chocolate Balls.  Some folks even like to make Bourbon Chocolate Balls.

Mom used to crush her Vanilla Wafers and walnuts with an old-fashion rolling pin. I used to do the same for years too, but now I enjoy using my Cuisinart food processor – makes short work!

Cuisinart Food Processor
However, I do stick with tradition and use my mom’s now vintage glass Pyrex mixing bowls that I inherited!

Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowls
I haven’t made these Brandy Balls in quite some time.  In years past I would start making my Christmas candy recipes the day after Thanksgiving.  But fast forward, and the Friday after Thanksgivings is now Black Friday, and I’m usually out trying to score Black Friday deals.

These Brandy Balls need some time to ferment.  The first time charming son-in-law ever tasted them, he said “whoa!”

That’s just how good they are!

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Brandy Balls

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Makes 6 Dozen

Brandy Balls

Brandy Balls, Rum Balls, Bourbon Balls, Whiskey Balls, Chocolate Truffles, Christmas Candy


  • 12 oz package chocolate chips morsels
  • 6 Tbl. Karo syrup (clear)
  • 1 c. brandy, rum, bourbon or whiskey
  • 1 c. chopped nuts
  • 1 c. confectioners sugar
  • 5 c. crushed Vanilla Wafers


  1. Mix together chocolate chips and Karo syrup
  2. Add brandy, rum, bourbon or whiskey and mix well
  3. Add together chopped nuts, confectioner's sugar and vanilla wafers
  4. Mix all ingredients together and let stand for 1/2 hour in refrigerator
  5. Roll into balls in confectioners sugar or nuts
  6. Store in an air-tight container until ready to serve


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